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Who Says A Corporate Event Needs to Be Boring?

Entertain your clients or your team this holiday season with a one-of-a-kind virtual event that will have everyone asking just how did he do it?!

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“Can't be happier with how it all went! Thank you!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

“Wow! Did that actually just happen?!

Shawn Mendes

A performance that promises to be both entertaining and interactive...”

Oh. My. God... That is truly amazing!”



Booking Your Next Virtual Event?

Whether you're looking for a fun idea for your virtual event, a thrilling fifteen-minute drop-in mentalism show, or a wowing reimagining of the stage, there's a perfect experience to choose from.

15–30 Minute interactive Drop-in

Interactive Fast-Paced Mentalism

Spark engagement and enthusiasm with an electrifying  15 to 30 minute drop-in show where guests are treated to interactive bursts of mind-bending mentalism.

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The Stage Reimagined

Experience The Inner Mind

The stage reimagined for an online experience. This 60 minute one-of-a-kind performance has Cody performing feats that will leave you and the audience speechless.

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Virtual Event Hosting

You Bring The Guests, We Bring The Rest

This is for people who want full event production. Cody and his team provide all you need to ensure your event is a success, from hosting to everything in between. We'll even design the ticket.

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Entertainment Experienced Like Never Before

15 years of performing for celebrities and top executives reimagined for online. Cody brings his unique blend of psychology and physiology to life with an all-new reimagined virtual performance.

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What to Expect

An All-New Virtual Experience


Cody’s energizing fast-paced interactive mentalism invites guests to be part of the show. As they’re brought onto the virtual stage, he’ll perform unbelievable feats, from reading minds to figuring out high school crushes.

Stunning Image Quality

It’s all delivered with stunning image quality and studio production equipment to make this more than just another video call. The multi-camera setup has you feeling like you’re sharing the stage with Cody.


You can even incorporate messaging for your event into the show to create a true one-of-a-kind performance. From big reveals to subtle queues, you can turn the show into an event to be remembered.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mentalist?

A mentalist is someone who is adept at reading the mental and physical states of the human body. Combined, this intuition creates what appears to be a sixth sense. While Cody doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities, his skills at reading a person’s psychological and physiologic states make it look anything but.

Can you host my virtual event?

Yes. Cody and his team can provide you and your guests with links to join him on the virtual stage. With hosting capabilities of up to 1000 guests.

What equipment does Cody use for virtual events?

Every virtual event is supported by a team working behind the scenes. Operating industry standard broadcast software, including multiple high-resolution cameras and microphones to ensure every part of the performance is captured in stunning detail.

Can children watch the performance?

The performance is intended for audiences 18 years of age and older.

Do you perform at corporate events?

Yes. Cody performs virtually or in-person at corporate events. Whether for large groups or small gatherings, Cody and his team work with you to ensure it's a success.

Do I need any props to enjoy the performance?

It is recommended to have a black pen or marker, piece of paper, and smart phone nearby if you wish to participate in the performance.

How long is the performance?

Performance can range in length depending on your needs. We offer packages that range from 15, 30, to 60 minutes in length and can accommodate custom solutions should you require them.

What type of events can Cody perform at?

Cody can perform at many event types. From virtual to in-person performances, Cody has performed at black-tie galas, on stage at charity fundraisers, for celebrity new year parties, and mingling with guests, performing up-close mentalism. If you have something specific in mind, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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